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10 DIY fall decor projects - part 1

  • by harmati home

Fall is a magical season where green leaves change to shades of red, gold, brown, and yellow. It transforms the environment and can make you feel like you're in a different part of the globe… or maybe even a completely different world.  

Fall gives us this calm, warm and atmospheric vibe and is often associated with freshly baked cookies and pumpkin spice lattes. But, as nature adapts to fall and the bright green trees turn to a golden wonderland, we must also change the decoration in our house to match! After all, now is the perfect time to be creative and pull out the arts and crafts.

If you need a bit of inspiration to get started, check out our list of the top DIY Fall Decor Projects. These projects are all easy to do at home, even if you’re not used to crafting or if it’s your first time completing a fall DIY project.


1. Create a fall wreath using dried leaves and pumpkins

If you're looking for fall DIY projects that certainly create an impactful first impression of your home, you can craft a wreath using dried leaves and pumpkins! Wreaths are the classic symbol of holidays, and nothing screams fall like a dried leaf and pumpkin wreath. Your guests and passersby will all be impressed by your Fall themed wreath.

You can make your wreath with just leaves, with leaves on twigs and branches, or a wreath with pumpkin decorations above the leaves. You can even change the colors of the leaves you are going to use for the project.

Decorate your front door and porch with these simple and easy wreaths and give them a fantastic feel of the fall season.

2. Fall flower arrangements

Bring pops of fall colors inside your home by creating a fall flower arrangement. Some of our favorite fall flowers include dahlias, pansies, chrysanthemums, and more. You can create beautiful arrangements in 3 easy steps:

  • Use these flowers, along with some foliage clippings, to create the best fall flower arrangements for your home. 
  • Add some extra fall flare by tying a warm color ribbon around the vase 
  • If you’re feeling a bit more creative try using a champagne bucket instead of a regular vase. The silver color of the bucket reflects the warm tones of the flowers, making them pop even more. This flower arrangement would look absolutely perfect on your home’s mantel, and is great for holidays. This is also a wonderful idea for an easy hostess gift.


3. Fall garland using dry leaves

Got a yard full of fallen leaves? If you’re wanting to work on a fun DIY project, this is the perfect problem to have. All you will need is some yarn or ribbon, and to collect your favorite leaves. 

String the leaves along a piece of ribbon or string to create an elegant garland, perfect for the railing on your stairs or your front porch. 

Live in an area where the leaves don’t change colors, or don’t want to hassle with collecting leaves? You can create your own using autumn colored construction paper. 

4. Metal pumpkins from mason jar lids

Don’t want to worry about pumpkins decaying? Create your own using the lids from mason jars.  All you need are some sticks, metal rings from mason jars, and some string. 

  • First remove the bands from the metal mason jar lids, as this is what you will use to create the pumpkins shape. You can leave them in their original metallic color, or paint them orange. 
  • Once dry, it is time to construct the pumpkins. String the bands along a piece of yarn in a circular shape, making sure they are all facing in the same direction. Tie the yarn tightly and cut the loose end. 
  • To create the stem, add a piece of wood, or some cinnamon sticks. 

These pumpkins are super cute and easy to make, and you’ll have yourself stylistic metal pumpkins you can reuse for years to come!

5. Create vases with leftover mason jars

If you have mason jars left over from making metal pumpkins, you can use them to create fun, fall-themed vases in 3 steps:
  • All you need is some red, orange or yellow paint. 
  • Once dry, fill the vases with your favorite fall flowers to brighten up your home. 
  • If you want to go all out, you can even paint pumpkins or Halloween decorations on your vases.

6. DIY wall art for the kitchen

Do you have old baking tins that you no longer use? Turn them into wall frames that showcase your family’s traditional recipes.

  • All you will need is your old baking tins, paint and a marker. 
  • First, paint the baking tin the color of your choice. 
  • Once dry, use your marker to write out your recipe. This is a personalized and fun way to bring the holiday season into your kitchen. 

This is also an easy and sentimental gift to give family members. The great thing about having these is that you never have to turn your kitchen upside down to find your grandma’s secret pie recipe again!

7. Create a cozy nook

Create a warm nook with a pile of chunky blankets to make a space in your living room warmer for guests. As it gets colder throughout the fall months, it’s nice to have warm blankets on hand to help guests and family members feel warm and comfortable. 

  • Choose a designated area in your home, perhaps an empty corner space, and stack up your blankets in a basket, bench or stool. For an extra cozy feel, we suggest using our sherpa Monty Storage Bench.
  • Consider also adding this to your guest room, in case you have guests staying over for the season. Autumn nights can be chilly, so creating a cozy nook with warm blankets will help them stay warm.

8. Display some firewood

Yes, firewood is practical, but you can also use it as a fall decoration! If you use your fireplace during the colder months, displaying firewood is also practical. 

Arrange the firewood to the side of your fireplace to give your space a warm, rustic vibe. Continue replenishing your firewood stack throughout the fall and winter months. This will also look great with your holiday decor. 

Have a faux fireplace or don’t use your fireplace? You can still add this design element to your space. Try stacking up firewood inside of your fireplace to give it a warm feel. You can also try painting the logs the same color for a more polished look. 


9. Make use of white pumpkins

Adding pumpkins to your living space instantly adds the charm of autumn to your existing living room decor. There are many ways to incorporate pumpkins into your space, without interfering with your design style. To avoid disrupting your design scheme, we suggest using white pumpkins. 

  • If you have a faux fireplace, stack up white pumpkins in and around the fireplace for a fun fall presentation. 
  • Put smaller pumpkins on display in a bowl, vase or decorative tray. 
  • If you are wanting to add a little something extra, paint designs or patterns that match your aesthetic onto the pumpkins and display them on your mantle or coffee table. 

10. Create a fall-themed bar

As we get closer to the holiday season and hosting again, creating a small bar in your living space is a fun and easy way to add a touch of fall to your home. Prepare a small counter table and place ingredients for fall cocktails on a decorative tray tray. This will make sipping fall cocktails more accessible to both you and your house guests during fall gatherings. 


If you've enjoyed these seasonal DIY projects, keep an eye out for part 2 next week.







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