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10 DIY fall decor projects - part 2

  • by harmati home

We’ve gathered up our final top 10 list of DIY decor projects for fall, just in time to be able to enjoy them for the rest of the season. Try some of these easy and fun DIY decor projects to help bring fall into your home. 

 1. Grapevine Wreaths As Napkin Rings

    If you want to be more creative on your dining table, try making grapevine wreaths for your napkin holders. These small grapevine wreaths can dress up your fall dinner table in a big way. Plus, they are super easy to make.

    Find additional tips on how to make your own grapevine wreath napkin rings on “Grapevine Wreath Napkin Rings” by Lizz on Hoozier Homemade.

    2. Create A Foraged Display As Your Dining Table Centerpiece

    If you’re looking for ways to spice up your dining table decorations for autumn, using branches of maple trees or other foliage is a great way to do that. Simply arrange them on a glass vase, and they can become a great addition to your fall dining table theme.

    You can either buy the materials from a craft store or, better yet, find them outside your backyard. Filling the glass jar with acorns is also a great way to add more depth to the centerpiece. This gives off a whole autumn farmhouse vibe.

    3. Use Warm, Patterned Rugs To Revamp Your Kitchen Floor

    Switch out your plain-colored rugs with warm-colored, patterned ones that match the autumnal vibe. Plaid patterns are best to use when you want to give off strong autumn feels. It’s best to also make sure that the chosen color of rugs matches your kitchen's overall aesthetics.

    You can even leave this style in your house all year round. A warm rug brings more dimension to your kitchen, giving it a homier feel. They also help to keep your feet warm. 

    You can also make this design pop by bringing out your copper pan collection and hanging them on a rack instead of keeping them in your cabinets. This will make the plaid-patterned rugs stand out more.

    Another idea is to create a layered look by layering a fall themed rug on top of what you already have in your kitchen. This will create added warmth and texture to your space, and elevate your fall look.

    4. Create A Unique Wheat Display

    If you want to showcase the harvest season, nothing says it more than a unique display of wheat. You can either place them in a vase with cooler colors like green and blue to make them stand out more, or put them inside a glass display to be more unique and creative.

    You can use this as a dining table centerpiece, a decor for your coffee table in the living room, or just simply place it all over your house. This will definitely help transform your home for the autumn season.

    5. Add Pops Of Red To Neutral Colored Spaces

    Red is one of autumn's featured colors. So, having shades of this color in neutral-colored spaces of your home will definitely bring out autumn feels. Bring red into your space through flower arrangements, pillows, blankets, rugs or centerpieces. You don't have to go all out just to decorate for the season. Adding small pops of red to your space is enough to manifest the spirit of fall in your home, without taking away from your current home decor.

    6. Create a Cozy Backyard Display

    Depending on the climate where you live, it can be fun to set up a cozy backyard display. Take advantage of the last weeks you can spend outside in the winter with these ideas to cozy up your backyard. 

    • Set up a wooden table in your backyard or back porch and create a cozy place for your guests to hang out and talk. 
    • A great way to decorate your table is by using chunky plaid blankets as table cloths.
    • Finish off the look with an oversized wreath hanging on the wall and elements on the table like pumpkins and gourds, as well as candles and lanterns. Some floral arrangements would also be a great way to transform it into a beautiful work of art.
    • Make sure to keep extra blankets on hand for guests to stay warm

    7. Use Plaid Decor For Your Dining Table

    Go crazy for plaid! Give your guests the full-on seasonal treatment by using plaid dinner table trimmings. You can use a neutral colored tablecloth to further highlight the plaid designs on the napkins. Set your porcelain plates and place your plaid fabrics wrapped around embroidered hoops as place cards.

    Top it off with dark candles on gold candle holders to make your candle-lit dinners more classy and vibrant.

    Another element to consider are plaid blankets. Drape them over the chairs to complete the look. This will make the dining table more inviting, even when the food is gone.

    8. DIY Living Room Foliage Art

    Swap out your statement art pieces and replace them with foliage art pieces. If you’re feeling creative, you can frame some pressed foliage and hang them all around your living room. But if you want a cuter fall look, try this instead:

    • Glue some autumn leaves on some card stocks with spray mount and tack them in a grid arrangement. 
    • This creates a natural, orderly pin-up and gives a cozy, autumn feel to your living room. 

    9. DIY Tree Branch Coasters

    Coasters with fun designs are another great way to liven up your Fall decorated home. Add a rustic, autumn vibe to your home by designing tree branch coasters. To make these coasters, you need to have a tree branch that has a diameter of about three inches.

    If you’re not good with woodwork, it's best to go to a hardware store and have them saw it for you into ¾-inch thick slices. From there, you can handle the sanding process. If you want them to have a more autumn design, you can use inked stamps with autumn leaves patterns and press them on the sanded wood slices. 

    You will need to allow the ink to dry before spraying on a matte finishing spray. The process altogether is fast and easy to do.

    10. Fall Gourds Display

    Fall gourds are a great way to show your love for nature, but be careful not to go overboard with placing gourds everywhere. With too many gourds, you may end up with a messy, cluttered house instead of a great look for autumn. 

    To prevent a giant mess, try placing the gourds in a glass display; you can either stack them or put a single one in the display. You can also make them more noticeable by elevating the display. For example, take a glass cake stand and place the gourds above it. Ultimately, you get a unique decor and still maintain the theme you're going for.

    Hopefully some of these will inspire some creativity at your end, and if you find yourself in a hardcore DIY headspace, a great place to find more projects is on Pinterest: either do a search for your craft of choice, or just type DIY into the search field to see what piques your interest.





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