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13 Tips for Decorating on a Tight Budget

  • by harmati home

There’s nothing better than walking through your front door and feeling like you’re walking into a brand new home. Incorporating new designs without breaking the bank can oftentimes seem intimidating. It’s easy to get carried away by Instagram posts and Pinterest boards and feel like you have to spend a lot of money to design your perfect space.

Call us optimists, but we think everyone can have a stylish, inviting home even on a tight budget.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate your home on a budget.

1. Get Organized

First things first, it’s time to get organized. Creating an organized space gives you a blank canvas to work with. The quality of any room will instantly improve just by tidying it up. An organized, clutter-free space provides a clear, clean space to welcome in new and exciting room decor options.

2. Make Edits

Before planning what to buy and what to invest money in, first focus on what to get rid of. Disposing of outdated or damaged items can make your home feel up-to-date without the need to buy more. If items are damaged but parts can be salvaged for DIY purposes, a project is a great option to keep some of the old stuff while you make a new creation.

3. Make a plan

When decorating on a budget, it is very important to consider every penny and every detail of the home. Make a plan for each room, including everything you want to do with the space and what you will need to purchase. It can also be helpful to keep a list of what you are spending as you go, to make sure you are staying on budget. Pinterest boards are a great source of inspiration during this planning process.  

4. Accentuate your home’s details

Before making changes to your decor, it’s important to take note of details the home already features. For example, crown molding, wood beams, hardwood floors, or any preexisting features that can add beauty to the home by updating them. Make sure these features are the focal point of the space. We suggest cleaning these, or giving them a fresh coat of paint. By cleaning up these features and making them the focal point, it can bring attention to the room and make it appear like a fresh addition.

5. Repurpose old items

Before going out and purchasing new items, evaluate what you already have at home. Using what you have is always recommended to do first before going out and purchasing new furniture items and decor. Try restyling items, rearranging furniture, and moving items to rooms that would better be suited for them. This will save you both time and money, and can make old items feel brand new.

6. Paint an accent wall

Adding a pop of color to any room can be an inexpensive option that makes a vast difference. Painting your walls on your own is one of the most cost-effective decorative updates you can make to your home and painting just one wall is an affordable upgrade.

If you don’t want to commit to painting a full wall, temporary wallpaper can be a great option. Peel and stick wallpaper adds personality to your space while coming down easily when it’s time to move or to try a different style.

7. Make DIY updates

With every new year come new interior decorating trends. An easy way to include these trends in your home is to make some updates to the items you already own. Houseplants have been a huge trend this year especially as we all crave spending more time outdoors. If you don’t have a green thumb, faux plants can make for chic décor at a low price. Find an affordable option and then style it on a beautiful stand or in a handcrafted pot. 

Other fun DIY include recovering pillows or an accent chair, and painting furniture. 

8. Mirrors are always a must

Want to make a room feel like new, without making any major changes? We suggest adding a mirror. Adding mirrors to any room instantly makes the room appear larger and brighter. Mirrors add natural light to every space because they reflect the light that comes from windows. They are a fairly inexpensive item and come in many shapes and styles to showcase each person’s style. Take a look at our stylish and functional Eula Mirror and Viv Mirror

9. The impact of an area rug

Area rugs can transform and space. They can make any room feel larger, and oftentimes tie your design together. A rug can pull the room together and blend in, or it can become a focal point and add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral space. 

Being on the lookout for discounted rugs can score you a great rug for a fraction of the price. Another option is to purchase a rug second hand.

10. Save on accessories 

Instead of buying art pieces, a great idea is to create your own on canvases. If you’re not artsy or creative, another option is to get pictures printed and frame the prints.

Not only are books an inexpensive accessory, but they're also great conversation starters and can add a very personal touch to any room.Books can be easily displayed in different ways to showcase a fresh feeling. One way to make your books look great on a shelf is to color coordinate them. Arrange them from light to dark or just choose some of your favorite colors to display on a particular shelf. This makes their placement look more intentional and can even help your books to better complement the rest of your room. Bookshelves or cases make a room feel lived in and can make guests feel welcome and warm. Want to use books, but going for a more cohesive look? Try removing book covers or turning book covers inside out. That way, your eye won’t be drawn to the busy cover or any wording on the cover or spine. This will give your book stack a more cohesive and simple look. 

In some families, there are knick knacks or trinkets that are passed down by generation. They can sometimes be hard to display without them feeling dated. Glass jars provide a lovely way to show off knick-knacks, and decorating inside of a jar keeps objects from getting scattered. Piling them into a wire basket or hanging them on the wall can also help display these items in a modern way.

11. Wait for a sale

When you want to shop on a budget, an important rule of thumb is to be patient.This means waiting for a yearly sale, or for holiday sales to come around. This is the best time to pick up new decor and furniture pieces. Another way is to look for seasonal clearance sections. At the end of every season, there is always furniture and seasonal decor available at a lower cost. This provides for the next year and saves money in the long run. 

12. Rearrange the Furniture

Most of us are so used to seeing our furniture layout, day in and day out, we don’t realize there might be a better alternative.This zero-cost decorating idea only requires a bit of time, creativity, and some strong muscles. 

You don’t need to move every single piece around, just a few tweaks and edits to your furniture layout might be all you need for the space to feel like new.

13. Remember, less is more

When decorating, most people follow the rule of less is more. The area doesn’t have to be filled with decorations to make it look good and seem welcoming. Starting with a blank canvas in each room and adding things such as pictures, plants, and paint can make the room feel brand new. 

A minimalist look that mostly eliminates clutter and focuses on a few key focal points is a great way to introduce an interior design style to your home without breaking the bank. This method also allows you to splurge on a few nicer home decor pieces that will become the focal point

Interior design doesn’t have to break the bank, and there are plenty of  free ways you can update your home’s look. Decorating on a budget doesn’t mean you have to give up the decor style you love or the quality of items you own either. 

Have patience while waiting for sales and create your own version of the look you like. Creativity can go a long way and can make any room fit your personality. 


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