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15 ways to decorate your home using mirrors

  • by harmati home

Mirrors can be a lovely piece of home décor to bring light and open up the space into your home. However, you don’t have to settle for a traditional square-shaped mirror. Nowadays, mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. Experimenting with various designs can help liven up your space, while staying true to your design style.

Why Use Mirrors?

Mirrors can be a great addition to your space, especially if you have a small room or live in a tiny apartment. Since the mirror reflects what’s around it, they offer an optical illusion of extra space, as if the room continues. Mirrors don’t have to be confined to the bathroom. Like you’d hang up a photo, you can hang up mirrors to decorate your space. Use some of these funky-shaped mirrors to bring your home to life.

1. Circular

A circular mirror can be great to offset harsh lines in your space. If you find that there are a lot of edges, straight lines, and corners occupying your area, a circular mirror can help soften the room. Our Eula Round Mirror is the perfect timeless, circular design to help you accomplish this look. Hang this mirror above your vanity or near the door. Hang a large circular mirror with smaller circular mirrors surrounding it to create a unique look in your space. 

2. Vertical Shapes

While the circular shape is great to balance out harsh shapes, sometimes you need to incorporate those long lines in your home as well. Vertical mirrors that stretch up and down can help lengthen your walls, giving the effect of a taller ceiling. Since this mirror is quite large, make sure the reflection is note-worthy. Hung opposite of a window can help bring extra natural light into your home and reflect the beauty of nature. Plus, this mirror is great for outfit checks. 

3. Oval

Combine the two shapes above to get a tall, oval mirror to decorate your walls. If you have a large chunk of space you need to cover but want to stick to soft edges and curves, consider an oval shape. This shape looks best when hung high on the wall. Similar to the vertical shape, an oval mirror is stunning when hung across from a window.

4. Window-Shaped

Decorate your walls with a window-shaped mirror to bring the outside into your home. This mirror is curved at the top and straight along the sides and bottom, complimenting a cozy, cottage core design style. You can break up the mirror by using vertical and horizontal slats to give it that window look.  

5. Triangle

Funky shapes, like triangles, are great to spice up a room. Gathering a few triangle-shaped mirrors in one space on the wall can act as a collage of mirrors. The triangles don’t have to be equilateral. Experiment with different triangular shapes to give your gallery mirror wall a sporadic but cohesive look.

6. Mirrored Backsplash

This mirror design is less about the shape and more about the location. Bring in light and intrigue to your kitchen with a mirrored backsplash on the wall. Your space will look twice as large and match your stainless-steel appliances perfectly. You can also use a rustic mirror design if you don’t want the room to be too reflective.

7. Diamond

Adding in a few diamond-shaped mirrors to your wall can continue to elevate your space. These would also work well next to triangular-shaped mirrors on your wall. They have the same lines and edges, just doubled! Liven your room up with this funky shape and impress guests with the configuration.

8. Horizontal Shapes

In contrast to vertical shapes, place long rectangular shapes in a horizontal state if you want your space to feel longer, rather than taller. This design will help give your room the length you desire. Hang these mirrors at a high height and offset them with the furniture. Rather than aligning the mirror directly above the couch, place it slightly off-center to create more intrigue in the space.

9. Octagon

Almost a circle, but a bit edgier, octagons are a great mirrored addition to your wall. Other quirky shapes best accompany this shape when hung on a gallery wall. Also, having the mirror framed with an intricate metal design can help it pop off the wall.

10. Arch Shape

Liven up a thin patch of wall with an arch-shaped mirror. This type of mirror can look divine in an entryway or an unused corner. The open arch looks like a reflective welcome sign, welcoming your guests to come closer. Length is more important than width with these shapes in order to heighten the area. The Viv standing mirror is a great arched mirror option. Hung on the wall or propped against it, you can’t go wrong with this raised design.

11. Horizontal Meets Vertical

On one wall, pair vertical and horizontal shaped mirrors to create a jagged look that somehow works. These opposing shapes are great for a statement gallery wall. Leave wall space between to break up the mirrors, so they are near each other but not glued next to one another.

12. Half Circle

A half-circle can create the feel of a sunset or sunrise over the ocean. When hung above any door, the shape welcomes people in. You can also get creative and hang tassels or a semi-circle picture below it to complete that circular design, but not have the mirrored reflection take over the space.

13. Abstract Curves

Any modern or contemporary art lover needs a mirror that matches the creativity of their artistic tastes. A mirror of an abstract design with melting curves and swooshing sides is lovely when paired next to splatter or surrealist paintings. You can also add this mirror shape to a minimalist room as a statement piece. It’s just enough to grab your attention without being distracting.

14. Art Deco

If you like the look of art deco designs, incorporate the style through your mirror choices. Art deco is all about symmetry. A square mirror, sectioned off by a circle in the middle and diamonds on the corners in perfect symmetry is the kind of art deco style that will work perfectly in your space. 

    15. Frameless Mirrors

      Find exciting shapes of mirrors that either don’t have a frame around them or have a structure you can easily remove. This will allow the mirror to blend in with your wall because there isn’t a harsh lining separating the mirror from the wall. These look incredibly unique against a wallpapered wall.

      Each of us have our own unique design tastes and styles. The mirrors in your house should represent that. harmati makes designing easy with unique products and mirrors that are sure to speak to your unique taste. Our designs are functional, but fresh. Minimalistic designs are met with quirky finishes to add a bit of your personal taste into every item you buy. Try out one of our classically designed mirrors to liven up your space. 


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