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A Gift For My Home

  • by harmati home

For the harmati team, this holiday season is about appreciating our home and all that it does for us. Our homes have provided us shelter and safety when we needed it most.

As part of our holiday campaign, we challenged some creators we admire to transform that little corner or room they've been putting off as a way to show appreciation for their homes. We also asked them to share a special memory created at home or something they thank their home for.

Here are our creators and their heart-warming answers

1. Meet Jeff from @_thevibespace and baby Sage

"My favorite memory in this home is being able to bring my vision to life and share it with the people I love most, my family. It brings me so much joy to know that Sage is thriving in this cozy, warm space I’ve created. As she grows up, the space will continue to transform and that’s the part I look forward to the most in my home -  finding ways to make our space better for my family."

2. Meet Ana from @modernhousevibes

"I’m so thankful to have a healthy and happy family. Watching my kids play and enjoy each others company brings me so much joy. They love spending time in our living room playing board games and watching movies. Creating a cozy home that they can enjoy makes me so grateful!."

3. Meet Julia from @twentylot

“I am grateful for the opportunity to build our home from the ground up and the many "firsts" we'll get to experience here as we continue to make it our own.”

4. Meet Taylor from

“I am thankful for my home being a safe space for my family, a place to make memories with my husband and babies.”

5. Meet Sky from @skyaprille

“I’m grateful for this living room space where our family spends as much time as possible together. From movie nights to Sundays naps, we create so many memories here.”

6. Meet Kat from @home_loving_

“Though we don’t own our home, I’m thankful that we have a landlord that appreciates the hard work that goes behind keeping the home beautiful! With spending more time inside these past two years, I’ve been able to really get creative and make this rental a home. A place that we all come together. Home: a feeling filled with love.”

7. Meet Marga from @wonderwoodmom

“I am grateful to have a house I can call home in which my family continues to make memories. Recently, I was able to accommodate my family who visited from out of the country. I hadn’t seen them since the pandemic started!"

8. Meet Aubrey from @aubreyhearty

“Our home is the place where we are raising our family, growing together and learning. I try to show it love and keep our spaces fresh and comfortable, so we can continue to make happy memories together.” 

9. Meet Alena from @alenagee

"I am beyond grateful to our home for being our safe place during these times of uncertainty. Also, being able to come home and slow down after a long day of work is something that my husband and I are thankful for every single day."


This holiday season, it’s time to show our homes how much we appreciate them by transforming that little corner or room you’ve been putting off. Just a few multifunctional pieces and some home décor elements can completely change the look and feel of a space and can help us and our family fall in love with it (again).

Let’s take some time this holiday season to thank our houses, okay?



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